Meet Erin

erin johnson

I help community and not-for-profit organisations in the youth, disability, health and First Nations sectors with all their creative needs.

My design career started in the not-for-profit sector, working for a large youth organisation. This included a range of services for young people across education, training, employment, social enterprise and disability.

I have volunteered my time as a member of the Central Coast Youth Advisory Committee and as a mentor driver for the yDrive program. These days I am on the Board of The Skill Engineer.

Having travelled to remote areas of Australia since I was a child, I developed a strong connection to Country from a young age which has grown in my professional and personal life.

I love working with Aboriginal Corporations, Land Councils and Health Services to create design and branding that is truly unique to the organisation.

Design Plus Digital is based in North-East Victoria, designing Australia-wide.


erin johnson